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Lizard by Scopimera Lizard :iconscopimera:Scopimera 1 1 Mangrove Cave by Scopimera Mangrove Cave :iconscopimera:Scopimera 1 1 Mushroom by Scopimera Mushroom :iconscopimera:Scopimera 0 3 Rainforest Leaves by Scopimera Rainforest Leaves :iconscopimera:Scopimera 0 7 A Much Larger Council of the Cats by Scopimera A Much Larger Council of the Cats :iconscopimera:Scopimera 4 3 Small Lizard is Watching by Scopimera Small Lizard is Watching :iconscopimera:Scopimera 0 8 Otterly Adorable by Scopimera Otterly Adorable :iconscopimera:Scopimera 6 7
What Are We?
What are we?
Really I think we are as the sand. Washing away in the wind and the wave and the current and slowly, so slowly, turning into stone with our memories and dreams and hopes buried as fossils.
In the future, creatures dance on our bodies and mindstuff, filaments of light and plasma engaging in a tango. Reality streaks past them, but we are a rock. Not that it matters to us at all. A planet, if you will, albeit a rogue one that travels from star to star, flitting to and fro like butterflies travel between flowers.
Then again.
Perhaps we are the waves.
Do we not beat against reality?
Do we not struggle against a foe that will never yield?
Do we not struggle in vain?
The Sun will boil away the ocean and leave the land and the universe shall grow cold and dark far before the crunch.
Perhaps not.
Perhaps we’ll win.
Or perhaps we’re both.
Wave and sand, sand and wave, waves made of sand and sand made of waves, particle and wave the same, all the same, all together in a b
:iconscopimera:Scopimera 1 3
Firevines by Scopimera Firevines :iconscopimera:Scopimera 1 0 Yawn by Scopimera Yawn :iconscopimera:Scopimera 3 2 A Foot by Scopimera A Foot :iconscopimera:Scopimera 1 0
Scarlet Fruit Bat
scarlet fruit bat (Pteropus rufus)
Order: Chiroptera (bats)
Family: Pteropodidae (flying foxes)
Subfamily: N/A
Habitat: rainforests of South East Asia
Description: During the age of humans, fruit bats experienced sharp declines due to deforestation, conflict with fruit farmers, and hunting. Even after the decline of humans, fruit bats faced predation from enemies as varied as snakes, raptors, and introduced felines. The end result was that there was a strong selective pressure for adaptations to better evade predation. One of the more unique methods was taken by the ancestors of the scarlet fruit bat.
The scarlet fruit bat’s digestive system carefully removes a variety of compounds from the fruit it eats. For the most part these are toxic alkaloids, but as a warning the fruit bat stores cyanidin in its flesh and fur, turning them a brilliant shade of red. This warning display, a traditional one among toxic species, greatly helps di
:iconscopimera:Scopimera 6 4
Let's Dance! by Scopimera Let's Dance! :iconscopimera:Scopimera 2 0 Li'l Lizard by Scopimera Li'l Lizard :iconscopimera:Scopimera 1 0
For We Must All Die
I can’t sleep, though I still get tired. But I can still dream.
I actually wish I couldn’t.
I woke from my reverie in pure panic, gallium sweat pouring from my metal body. My head snapped around to the left, then to the right. Nothing. But my instincts were still screaming They’re coming to get me they’re coming to get me run away run away. “That,” I announced to the world, “would depend on who they are, eh?” Then I snickered to myself, and barely managed to get control of myself before I collapsed into a laughing madness. “Right,” I gasped, trying to shove down the insanity that seemed to constantly be biting at me. “Data.” I stared at the same screen I’d been staring at for the last hour. It still had the same image.
Dave had told me that I was pushing myself too hard. I knew he was right. Tobias had put it in slightly more colorful terms and informed me that if I didn’t turn flesh in the brain
:iconscopimera:Scopimera 0 0
And Wot is this? by Scopimera And Wot is this? :iconscopimera:Scopimera 10 4


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So, here's my first critique. Vision: Excellent. While a dream may have provoked this, unless it was far more detailed than the descrip...


Saecula Novae, a forum for speculative evolutionists, is now open. We are a new, friendly community that is just starting up and looking for more members. People are encouraged to share this entry, and link back. Hopefully we can spread the word!

What Is Speculative Evolution?

Broadly defined, speculative evolution is the practice of coming up with fictional evolutionary histories for alternate Earths and other worlds, as well as discussing topics that influence these fictional evolutionary history, such as how gas-filled aeroplankton might be made to work, and under what conditions it could exist, if it could exist at all.

Speculative evolution is both an art and a science--speculative evolutionists are expected to conform to established scientific principles (though there are exceptions: for instance, exercises in how life would evolve if exposed to an environment that was unlike anything we might expect to see, such as a world where things fell upwards; however, in these cases the evolutionary history is still expected to be realistic and well-done), but they are also expected to be able to come up with new and novel ideas. Examples of speculative evolution include Snaiad, the Speculative Dinosaur Project, The Future of The World, The Future is Wild, After Man, and Man After Man. Several projects are closely related to speculative evolution, though not strictly falling under its aegis--for instance, All Tomorrows is a book that deals with what happens to humans over millions of years as they evolve into a multispecies galactic civilization, with more focus on historical and social aspects than evolutionary aspects.

What's Unique About Saecula Novae?

Two main things:
  1. Community projects. At Saecula Novae, we have a staff dedicated to promoting community projects. If you wish to start a community project, we will help you create the subforum, give you advice, and, if you so desire, give you moderator abilities over that specific subforum. We also have a community project, The Future of The World, already started.
  2. User-directed. At Saeculae Nova, we believe that the will of the community is one of the most important things. Therefore, we are determined to respond promptly to user concerns, and do everything in our power to ensure that everyone on Saecula Novae enjoys their experience on the forum and is able to make maximum use of the resources we provide.
  3. Staff as servants. The point of being a staff on Saecula Novae is to help other people. As staff, we promise to put the needs of the user base first, to put in the time and energy to make the forum as welcoming and useful a place as possible, and to encourage the highest quality of speculative evolution.

How Can I Join?

Simple. Click on the link at the beginning of this journal entry, fill out the required information under the register tab, and introduce yourself! We greatly appreciate new members, and our staff and senior members will help you get started if necessary.


Citrakāyaḥ (aka Cheetah)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Cheetah therian, writer, eternally amatuer artist, amatuer glassworker, and science fiction fanatic.

Favourite photographer: Thomas Marent
Favourite style of art: digital
Operating System: Vista
Personal Quote: You cannot domesticate a troll.



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Might I suggest that if you don't want to discuss politics, you do not submit political art?
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